A BRISBANE teen filmed herself verbally abusing a taxi driver and shared the vile video on social media.

Tamika Dudley, 19, is revelling in her new-found infamy after her Snapchat clip was viewed live by thousands of her followers, Seven News reports.

"I put in the GPS ... so follow the GPS, what's so hard ... what's so f**king hard about following the GPS," she ranted at the driver of a Black & White cab.

"You picked me up and you're a cab driver and you're telling me to get out because you don't know where you're going?"

She continued: "I swear to god if you get lost again there's gonna be a lot of trouble ... so make sure you know where you're going ... swear to f**king god."

Cab drivers told Seven News they weren't surprised by the video.

"I've had it before this myself," one driver said, "but my experience, you calm the passenger down."

Following the report, Ms Dudley thanked Seven News for the coverage.

"Before the news i had 92k views on snap chat thanks news for making that number so much higher, I love hate," she wrote on Facebook.

"Cab driver wants to start on me, I'll show him my crazy side haha! Xx."