Teen questioned over terror plot, accuses police of brutality

A TEENAGER questioned in relation to an Anzac Day terrorist attack plan is complaining that police were too rough with him.

Eathan, 19, was one of five young men arrested by counter-terrorism officers on Sunday.

He told Nine News that after his hands were cuffed, he was assaulted.


The teen was questioned in relation to an alleged plot to use swords and knives to attack police and the public on Anzac Day this year.

This year marks 100 years since Australians landed on the Gallipoli under British direction.

The teen told Nine News after giving his name to police, an officer said, "Yeah that's the one" and kicked him "right across my face".

His parents Glen and Anja backed up their son's story, saying the officers were heavy handed.

"He grabbed my son and just smashed him against the wall," Eathan's father said.

His mother said it was "the most terrifying experience", she "wouldn't wish it upon anyone".

Eathan said he spent six hours in hospital and is now after an apology.

Victorian Police are understood to be investigating his allegations.