SURGE: A groundswell of support has lifted Pauline Hanson, pictured with supporters on Saturday night, back into political office as a Queensland Senator.
SURGE: A groundswell of support has lifted Pauline Hanson, pictured with supporters on Saturday night, back into political office as a Queensland Senator. Contributed

Pauline Hanson thanks Ipswich for her success

THANKS Ipswich.

That was the message Pauline Hanson had for the city when she was swept into the Senate on the back of a groundswell of support, much of it emanating from the same place that kick-started her political career.

Ms Hanson will be a new Queensland Senator for One Nation, 18 years after she was last in parliament in the lower house.

The former Ipswich fish and chip shop owner was elevated to office as Oxley MP in 1996 on the back of her support in Ipswich.

"Ipswich got behind me from the very beginning when the Liberal Party threw me out," Ms Hanson told the QT.

"I have had a successful business here and the Ipswich people have always backed me.

"These are grass roots Australians. Ipswich is a real battlers' town.

"But it is not so unlike other places around the country, it is really not.

"It has the struggles of every place."

Ms Hanson said she was now determined to deliver on the hope that the people of Queensland had invested in her.

"It is a big thing," she said.

"I have been out of parliament for 18 years and I have kept trying and trying and trying because of what I believe in.

"To have the people back me and put me back in there I am very honoured... and it is a little bit scary.

"When I talk to people they have put so much trust and hope in me.

"They say 'you've got to do this, speak for us and stick up for us' so now I feel like there is a real weight on my shoulders to try to make a difference, which I will."

Ms Hanson said she would enter the Senate with ears open.

"I will be very open-minded and listen to all sides," she said.

"Everyone has got something to offer, whether it be Liberals, Nationals, Greens, Labor, Nick Xenophon, Derryn Hinch or Jacqui Lambie.

"I intend to work with all these people and I have said that all along.

"We've got to come up with good, clear policy to drive this country forward.

"People are hurting and they feel forgotten, so we have to come up with policies and ideas to get the youth working and get the unemployment queues down to reduce the cost of living.

"One of the big issues I want to deal with is child support and the family law court.

"That is destroying so many families.

"You've got too many men suiciding over this. Everyone has the right to see their kids.

"I think we all need to pull together on this one."

Ms Hanson said assisting the manufacturing industry would be another priority.

"Ipswich was once a town thriving with industries and manufacturing," Ms Hanson said.

"There were so many things that were here when I first came in the 1970s but are now all gone.

"You can't keep pushing people on to further education because there are no jobs there.

"That's why we have to get back to our manufacturing base to give people jobs.

"But the government's free trade agreements are not helping us.

"They have pulled us down to third world conditions."

Ms Hanson was strangely not counting her chickens when the QT spoke to her on Sunday morning, but make no mistake, she will be a Senator for Queensland.

'You're in," the QT told her.

"Really?" she replied.

"From the figures we have, you can't miss out," we replied.

Ms Hanson was still not convinced.

"I've been in this position too many times before and been told I'd won it, when I hadn't," she said.

"I am hearing we might win two seats in Queensland and one in NSW but it will all come down to the preference flows.

"The pre-polling will come in pretty strong for me, if the way we have felt on the ground is anything to go by.

"And when the country votes are all in they will be strong."

Ms Hanson said she was about to have a good look at all the lower house figures, in particular the 15% her candidate Troy Aggett achieved in Blair.

"I haven't been able to have a good look at the figures because I was tied up (on Saturday night) doing media," she said.

"It is not all counted, but I know we pulled nearly 14% in the seat of Herbert as well."