The cast of new reality TV series The Shire.
The cast of new reality TV series The Shire. Contributed - Network Ten

The Shire a modest hit for Ten

BOTOX, breast implants, fake tans and dramatic love triangles.

The combination has worked for hit "dramality" shows like Jersey Shore and its countless spin-offs.

But it seems Australian viewers aren't so fond of the same formula being used in their own backyard.

Since Channel 10 introduced its audience to a group of materialistic, uneducated twenty somethings from The Shire on Monday night, social media news feeds and the network's website have been bombarded with scathing reviews and calls for the show to be axed.

It was the most publicity Sydney's Sutherland Shire had been exposed to since the Cronulla riots and, once again, it was for all the wrong reasons.

The majority of viewers appeared to be outraged by the behaviour of two "plastic" botox loving women who spent their time arguing over things like whether they would rather their future children to be "smart of attractive" and a self proclaimed "barbie" who apparently does nothing but travel the world and shop at her daddy's expense.

By Tuesday morning, hundreds of thousands of comments about the show had been posted on Twitter and Facebook.

It remains to be seen if The Shire's producers believe any publicity is good publicity but they could have a tough sell ahead.

Already the show has been likened to the similar shallow series documenting the "life" of Australian Cricket Captain Michael Clarke's ex-lover Lara Bingle.

Being Lara Bingle attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers when it first aired last month but since the second episode ratings have dropped dramatically.

It seems unlikely The Shire's ratings will go down the same path particularly when, as one Twitter said, "It makes Being Lara Bingle seem like Q&A..."