Dawson MP George Christensen could walk away from the coalition but staying in the National Party.
Dawson MP George Christensen could walk away from the coalition but staying in the National Party. Justin Van Heerden

Christensen leaves door open for Coalition walkout

AT THE 100th birthday of Mackay Rat of Tobruk Allan Skerman on Friday, Member for Dawson George Christensen denied writing a resignation letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

He did admit, however, to writing a letter threatening the PM that if he didn't get his way there would be a "massive problem".

Mr Christensen said he wasn't leaving the National Party but could walk out on the Coalition.

"... All I will say is Tony Crook from WA was a member of the National Party but not a member for the Coalition, so that's been done before."

Writing the letter on Monday, he was interrupted "umpteen times", continued on Tuesday but before he could finish, the government had a solution to his problem.

The letter was about the sugar industry stoush between Wilmar and Queensland Sugar Limited.

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"It was basically a letter of demand saying I want this government to do something about it or there would be this massive problem," he said.

When asked what the massive problem would be, he said "I contemplated writing in there my ongoing support for the government could not be guaranteed unless something was done".

What stopped him from finishing his letter was the State Opposition's proposed changes to the Sugar Industry Act.

"Malcolm Turnbull, Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce liaised for a long time with the State Opposition leader Tim Nicholls and deputy leader Deb Frecklington," Mr Christensen said.

"The end result was the State opposition sought to use their numbers to make changes to the Queensland sugar act which will fix the immediate situation."

He said he still wanted the Federal government to implement a code of conduct for the sugar industry but would wait and watch the State legislation before "powering forward on the code and conduct".

Mr Christensen and Barnaby Joyce will hold be holding a town hall meeting in Ayr on Sunday to hear the concerns of canegrowers from Sarina to Ingham.