‘This is bullsh*t’: man’s angry rant at magistrate

A TROLLEY pusher involved in a fuel drive-off has been made to pay $20 for every litre he stole.

"How about you pay for it, mate," Cody Anthony Staples mumbled under his breath after Magistrate Damien Dwyer fined him $800 for stealing.

The 26-year-old father had been leaving Mackay Magistrates Court when he was brought back to the bar table in the court room.

"This is just all, um, bullsh*t, it really is," he said.

Mr Dwyer said: "Some fella has to work 24 hours a day trying to keep that service station going, making money and some mug like you comes along and knocks them off".

"If you want to know who's fault it is, go and look in the mirror. You nicked the petrol, you're the one who drove off," he said.

Staples had stopped at a service station in Maryborough and pumped 40.85 litres of unleaded petrol into his car in May last year, but when he went to pay his bank card was declined due to insufficient funds - so he left without paying.

Duty solicitor Rosie Varley said her client had paid the outstanding amount in full, albeit more than two months later.

He had waited until he had to drive back through Maryborough before paying for the fuel.

The court heard Staples had also failed to appear in court and a warrant had to be issued.

He pleaded guilty to the two charges.

"This all comes out of not paying for the petrol," Mr Dwyer said.

Convictions were recorded.