Eleven-year-old Timothy is wowing Australia with his ability to spell.
Eleven-year-old Timothy is wowing Australia with his ability to spell. Contributed

Whitsundays' very own spelling bee Tim is a wiz with words

ON MONDAY night, Australia met bright and light-hearted Whitsundays boy Timothy on the premiere of The Great Australian Spelling Bee.

Swinging on a hammock in his school uniform with a book in his hands, he told the entire nation just how much he loved to read, which he says is what makes him one of the best spellers among Australian children.

On Monday's episode, Timothy was one of 52 children from 20,000 applicants battling it out on national television.

Host Grant Denyer said Timothy had "the biggest smile in the world" as the eager 11-year-old made his way up to the microphone to spell his first word, "contingent", perfectly.

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Soon enough he had to say goodbye to his friends Blake and Jye, as he had earned a spot in the Top 26.

On Tuesday night, a slightly nervous Timothy had to rely on his self-described "messy handwriting" to secure his spot after failing to make the top 10 in a Speed Spell.

His writing prevailed, correctly spelling "cretaceous" and even outsmarting host Chrissie Swan.

The Whitsunday Times met up with Timothy this week, and he said there was also lots of pizza and after-parties during the filming of the show down in Sydney.

Watch Timothy next Monday and Tuesday at 7.30pm on Channel Ten.

The surnames and schools of children have not been released publicly for privacy reasons.