60 people charged in massive Toowoomba drug operation

BREAKING: Sixty people have been charged in a police operation targeting ice and other dangerous drugs in Toowoomba.   

Among significant seizures in multiple raids last week was 32.6g of ice and 750ml of liquid drug GHB as part of Operation Grullo.   

Darling Downs Detective Acting Inspector Paul McCusker said Toowoomba detectives, the Darling Downs Tactical Crime Squad along with officers from PSRT in Brisbane and other specialist units executed 35 raids at homes in Toowoomba.  

"As a result of that operation, about 60 people have been charged with 178 charges which relate to the use and the supply of ice in our community," Acting  Insp McCusker said. 

Detective Acting Inspector Paul McCusker talks to media about police use of POLAIR to help in the arrest three people involved in different incidents with stolen cars, Monday, March 20, 2017.
Detective Acting Inspector Paul McCusker discusses Operation Grullo which targeted dangerous drugs in Toowoomba. Kevin Farmer

"A lot of this information has come about because of excellent information received from the community."  

Police have charged a 27-year-old man with serious drug charges in relation to the 32.6g of ice and two women, 30 and 22, with serious drug-related offences in relation to the GHB.   

Acting Insp McCusker said due to the large number  of people charged, a large amount of ice and other drugs would no longer be available and would have an effect on Toowoomba's drug trade.   

"I think what makes it significant is the public are obviously providing us with great information," he said.   

"Even these small amounts of drugs haven't made their way to the streets which is very important to us and we would encourage any member of the public who has any information in relation to drug use or supply, whether it be ice or any other drug, to ring police."    

There has been about 190g of amphetamine based drugs, which includes ice, seized in Mackay District since the start of the year.
Ice seized as part of a different police operation. Campbell Gellie

Acting Insp McCusker said the operation would be ongoing and encouraged the public to call police if they saw any suspicious activity.   

"Irrespective of whether it is one gram or 32g, there is a possibility for those drugs to be sold to our youth and to other members of the community," he said.   

Suspicious activity could be cars coming and going from an address for short periods of time, a large volume of foot traffic at one address or a quiet street suddenly becoming active.   

Anyone with information should contact Toowoomba police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.