Albert Eames posted a rant about Muslims on Facebook.
Albert Eames posted a rant about Muslims on Facebook.

Toowoomba council worker in strife over racist rant

A TOOWOOMBA Regional Council worker could face disciplinary action after his racist rant on Facebook was revealed.

In the rant, Mr Eames posted expletives about Muslims and told them to "**** off back home if you want your food halal.''

Halal foods are those that can be eaten according to Islamic Sharia law.

Mr Eames also called for a bomb to be dropped on Islamic countries and stated he wished the Nazi party had targeted Muslims instead of Jews.

"Yes I am racist," he admitted on the post.

"Now **** off out of our beautiful country. Your race is making our way of life bend over backwards to accommodate you worthless pieces of s***."

He also indicated his support for the One Nation political party writing: "Pauline for PM".

Mr Eames works in the council's Infrastructure Services Group.

The Chronicle contacted Mr Eames who said the post was a comment on a video.

He said he was passionate about the issue of halal food.

"Imagine if we went over to their country and tried to shove Vegemite down their neck.

"Us people here in Australia we should have a choice on what we eat, just because an ethnic culture comes over here and tries to change our way of life, which they are doing, I don't think that's right. That's my personal opinion."

A redacted image of the Facebook rant.
A redacted image of the Facebook rant.

Mr Eames said he would like to take "a lot of that back" and said he was in a bad mood on the day of the post.

"There's a lot of people that think a lot of this stuff, they just don't say it as abruptly as I did."

Mr Eames stressed his post had no relation whatsoever to Toowoomba Regional Council.

He also said the post was out of character and that he had Muslim friends.

Toowoomba Regional Council's social media policy states the council acknowledges that staff choose to use social media in a private context. However, they should be aware that content published on social media sites is publicly available, even on personal sites.

The policy states individuals are still bound by the council's code of conduct for employees and have a duty not to make comments which compromise their capacity or other's capacity to fulfil your duties as an engaged individual or firm.

Failure to comply with the policy may result in disciplinary action being taken against the individual or parties involved.

The council's code of conduct states: "Council is committed to creating and maintaining a workplace free from discrimination. By law, all employees must ensure that discrimination is not part of our workplace or our practices."

Toowoomba Regional Council Acting CEO Kevin Flanagan said council was investigating the matter and took comments made online just as seriously as those made on any other communication channel.

"Council values integrity, respect and accountability among its core values and as an organisation we support multiculturalism and diversity as being key attributes to the success of our community.

"We do not support racism in any form.

"Council will not be commenting on any further actions in regards to the staff member.''

Safe On Social Media founder Kirra Pendergast is an expert in providing social media advice to companies and employees.

She said workers should think before they post.

"Familiarise yourself with the social media policy at your work as you could be dismissed if you breach it.

"Always check that your social media accounts are private; check every three months.

"Ensure that people can't tag you in photos without your approval, you can check this in timelines and tagging in the settings area of Facebook.

Controversial Facebook post

  •  **** the Muslims
  • **** off back home
  • I would deport all of you mother****ers
  • I wish the Nazis targeted you rag heads
  • Yes I am racist