A bin on Maryland St was filled to overflowing with rubbish before council cleaned up on Sunday morning.
A bin on Maryland St was filled to overflowing with rubbish before council cleaned up on Sunday morning.

Overflowing rubbish leaves Stanthorpe shopkeepers in a stink

COUNCIL has responded to outcries from Stanthorpe shopkeepers claiming it isn't doing enough to keep the main street clean.

After thousands of tourists converged on the town last weekend to enjoy the winter wonderland, the main street was littered with rubbish spilling from overflowing bins.

It wasn't until shopkeeper Lucille Jensen took to social media on Sunday to vent her frustration that Southern Downs Regional Council moved to collect the litter.

"I was driving through the street at 8am and there was rubbish all around," Mrs Jensen said.

"Bins were overflowing and people were just piling more rubbish on top, which was falling onto the footpaths and gutters."

Councillors Cameron Gow and Glyn Rees saw Mrs Jensen's posts and made arrangements to have the bins emptied.

Cr Gow said although he could not formally direct staff to clean bins, he made the appropriate calls to ensure they were emptied.

"The argument isn't about whether they responded," Mrs Jensen said.

"Why aren't they doing more cleaning on the weekends when it's a tourist town?

"It's not good enough for a tourist town in the middle of winter. Not when thousands of cars are coming through Stanthorpe."

SDRC's acting director Planning and Environment Tim O'Brien said the flow of tourists into town at the weekend was "unprecedented".

"Hundreds of people flocked to the town to experience the snow and this significant influx caused an oversubscription to facilities such as rubbish bins that are normally adequately cleared and managed over a weekend period," he said.

"Following calls to council's after-hours service on the morning of Sunday, July 19, staff were activated and emptied the bins throughout the town.

"Discussions have already commenced with council's waste collection contractor to organise on-call services over a weekend period should a similar situation arise again."

Stanthorpe retailers however believe if they are going to be encouraged to operate their businesses seven days a week, then council should do the same.

"I personally think the rubbish should be collected in the main street seven days," Mrs Jensen said.

"Somebody should've at least had the forethought to organise bin collection on Friday when so many people started arriving."