NO GOOD: Gympie residents say their drinking water has had a 'muddy' taste .
NO GOOD: Gympie residents say their drinking water has had a 'muddy' taste . Z5812/_Sebastian Willnow

Town water leaves residents with a bad taste

HAVE you noticed a change in your drinking water?

Then you are not alone, with dozens of residents reporting their water has left a bad taste, and authorities have said this could linger for a few weeks.

Gympie resident Amanda Tomkinson said she noticed the change a few days before Christmas.

"It was horrid," she said.

"The water was that bad we would make a coffee with it thinking that it would kill the taste but it didn't."

She said it also felt like it left a "coating" feeling on their teeth.

It looked the same, she said, but the taste forced her family onto bottled water for several days.

"We bought the big containers to sit on bench as we have a big family so we needed a few," she said.

Asking on Facebook if it was only in her area, she was inundated with dozens of replies from other residents around the area.

While the water had returned to normal for a little bit, she said the taste had returned again, if not quite so bad this time.

A Gympie Regional Council spokeswoman said the changes were caused by the region's recent rain events.

"This increases the flow of the Mary River and can alter the taste, smell or colour of the water," she said.

"Organics in the river increase during these high flows, especially in the warmer months during wet weather."

She said the council expected the town's water to return to normal within the next couple of weeks, as long as there were no other significant downpours.

And while the water may seem different it was still healthy.

"Water quality is continually tested to ensure quality and safety and adheres with the Australian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines," she said.

"Gympie Regional Council are investigating the matter, looking at options which will address the taste, smell or colour of the water after rain events."

A spokesman for Seqwater said the water had been thoroughly investigated.

"Seqwater monitoring has not indicated any issues or concerns with raw water in Borumba Dam," he said.