The incident happened on Boat Harbour Drive
The incident happened on Boat Harbour Drive Alistair Brightman

Tragic story behind axe-wielding man’s road rage threats

A HERVEY BAY man has told a court why he had no control over himself when he threatened a driver with an axe during a terrifying road rage incident.

Richard James Blacker acknowledged that he "scared the s*** out of" the other driver as he pleaded guilty to being armed in public to cause fear.

On July 6, Blacker was driving when at 1.15pm he was hit by another car from the behind at on Boat Harbour Dr.

The two drivers were talking before Blacker lost his temper, got an axe out of the tray of his ute and waved it at the other man.

Prosecution said the victim was so terrified he defecated himself and now suffers from PTSD.

The court heard the Blacker was cooperative with police and very remorseful of his actions.

Blacker, who represented himself, told court he had surgery for brain cancer and had experienced anger issues ever since.

Blacker said he had a surgery which removed part of his right fontal lobe, therefore affecting his control of his emotions.

He told the court it was something he had raised with doctors but they were unable to help.

Blacker continued on and told Magistrate Stephen Guttridge his wife had left him due to the cancer.

"I came home from brain cancer and she told me to get out," he said.

"I would be better off being put in jail so at least I have a roof over my head."

He was sentenced to nine months probation with no convition recorded.