VICTIMS: Will Nixon, Louis Herwin and Mack Nixon stuck in the pits and left kartless.
VICTIMS: Will Nixon, Louis Herwin and Mack Nixon stuck in the pits and left kartless. Andrew Beard Emekart

Emerald families go-karts and gear stolen valued at $30,000

TWO Emerald families are devastated after their three championship go karts and gear worth $30,000 were stolen from a motel near Beenleigh on Tuesday.

And they're disappointed with the police response to their plight.

Two men were filmed on the motel's closed circuit TV checking the trailer out.

They left and returned with a white Falcon ute and towed the trailer away.

Film footage did not identify the vehicle or men.

At 9pm that night, the Nixon family received a call from a woman in Jimboomba saying their trailer was on her street.

The woman told dad Shane Nixon she had reported the trailer's presence on the street to police at 5.30pm.

But when Shane later asked police about the trailer, he said they knew nothing about it.

They wanted him to go and identify his trailer and then leave it for "a couple of days" to allow police to check for fingerprints.

Disappointed and worried the trailer might be stolen again, Shane collected the empty trailer.

Channel Nine News covered the theft which was then picked up by a radio station.

"An Armourguard driver coming through Warwick who heard the story, spotted a white Falcon ute with three go karts stacked vertical…" Shane said.

Despite the truck driver informing police about it on Wednesday afternoon, when Shane called them yesterday they knew nothing about it.


"All the police link information is supposed to be emailed to the investigator but we have not seen or heard from them since Tuesday," Angie Nixon said.


Back in Emerald the families are tired and their boys upset.

Each time a phone rings they jump, hoping it will be news they want to hear.