Tributes have flooded in for Peter O'Toole, who passed away in London aged 81.
Tributes have flooded in for Peter O'Toole, who passed away in London aged 81.

Tributes pour in for Peter O'Toole

TRIBUTES have flooded in for Peter O'Toole.

The eight-time Oscar nominated actor passed away in London yesterday (14.12.13) aged 81, and many have expressed their sadness at the loss of the great Hollywood star.

His agent, Steve Kenis, said: "He was one of a kind in the very best sense and a giant in his field."

British Prime Minister David Cameron wrote on Twitter: "My thoughts are with Peter O'Toole's family and friends. His performance in my favourite film, 'Lawrence of Arabia', was stunning."

Comedian and actor Stephen Fry tweeted: "Oh what terrible news. Farewell Peter O'Toole. I had the honour of directing him in a scene. Monster, scholar, lover of life, genius."

Irish actor Jason O'Mara said Peter was "an acting legend and a hell raiser,"

adding: "His last act of defiance was living to see 81, but the work will live on forever. RIP Peter O'Toole."

Many actors shared similar sentiments about what fun Peter - who played iconic leading men in 'Lawrence of Arabia', 'Becket' and 'Goodbye Mr. Chips' and more recently appeared in 'Ratatouille' and 'Stardust' - had been when they had worked with him.

'How I Met Your Mother' star Neil Patrick Harris wrote: "So sad to hear about Peter O'Toole passing away. Lucky to have worked with him for a month in Prague. Wonderful man, remarkable talent."

Film director Kevin Smith added: "'I'm not an actor, I'm a movie star!' the great Peter O'Toole said in MY FAVORITE YEAR. He was both #RIPPeterOToole (sic)"

Simon Pegg also weighed in, writing: "Here's to Peter O'Toole, a true great."

Peter had officially retired last year, but filmed one last role, as an ancient Roman orator, for the film 'Katherine of Alexandria', which is set for release next year.