Trick-or-treaters in for a day of spooky fun

AVID trick-or-treater and Emerald mum Katherine Sexton was determined to see the local Halloween event go ahead this year, after the cancellation of numerous social events due to coronavirus.

The mum-of-one grew up in the Scottish community of Ayr, where Halloween was a big celebration with a big Scottish Halloween dance.

“We would carve pumpkins and dress up in costumes, bob for apples, group dance and watch skits telling us the story of Halloween,” she said.

“Brother Brian would come along and perform a magic show for the kids. It was a super fun night every year in which my love for Halloween grew from there.”

Mrs Sexton first got involved in Emerald Halloween when her now seven-year-old daughter was born.

“As a family we would all dress up as her favourite characters and take her out trick or treating in Emerald.

“In 2015 we started making our own Halloween decorations out in our yard and the trick or treaters that were stopping by loved seeing our displays.

“Over the years it has grown into a full blown yard haunt with lights, sound and moving animatronics.”

Avid trick-or-treater and Emerald mum Katherine Sexton with her daughter Lyra, 7.
Avid trick-or-treater and Emerald mum Katherine Sexton with her daughter Lyra, 7.

She became the event organiser in 2018 and when the Queensland government announced Halloween events could go ahead this year, Mrs Sexton had no intentions of letting it pass by.

“It has been a stressful one to plan with COVID-19 and all the unsureness around the changing restrictions,” she said.

“After the year we have had of annual fun events for kids being cancelled, I did not want to cancel this event on them and I really wanted to give kids of all ages something fun to look forward too.”

Residents across Emerald are taking part this year, with a full list of addresses to be posted on the Emerald Halloween Facebook page about 12pm Saturday, to stop children from randomly knocking on doors not expecting them.

Anyone wanting to get involved handing out treats, head to the Facebook page and add your address to the comments under the post pinned at the top of the page.

A map will also be posted tomorrow.

While the social event is going ahead, Queensland Health has advised Queenslanders are still advised to practice social distancing as much as possible and wash and sanitise their hands regularly.

If you would like to hand out lollies this year, wash and sanitise hands when handling the treats or preparing goodie bags. All treats should be individually packaged only.

“Keep face-to-face interaction short and at the end of the night, it would be a good idea to sanitise door handles, knockers, gates etc,” Mrs Sexton said.

“Yard Haunters! We love seeing your awesome displays every year, our little community really does an excellent job on decorating.

“The current restrictions is a limit of 40 people max inside your property at one time including household residents.”

Trick or treaters are advised not to go out if feeling unwell and to maintain social distancing.

“Try to encourage your kids to hold off eating treats until they get home. Kids will need to have an adult accompanying them at all times,” Mrs Sexton said.