TERRIFYING: Man charged following semi pursuit

Truck evades police in Gympie : A truck driver has been arrested after he allegedly drove on the wrong side of the road in Gympie on Wednesday night.


POLICE have charged a 39-year-old man with three counts of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and one count of fail to stop the motor vehicle.

Officers will allege that at 12:40am, Gympie police observed the truck travelling at speed on the Bruce Highway and almost colliding with another semi-trailer before swerving onto the opposite side of the road.

The male driver allegedly continued to travel on the incorrect side of the highway through the Gympie CBD despite attempts by police to intercept.    The individual who was taken into custody is due to appear in Gympie Magistrates Court on April 16.

2 PM:

A MAN has been arrested after he allegedly drove a truck at high speed through Gympie on the wrong side of the highway on Wednesday night before crashing at Miriam Vale in the early hours of yesterday morning.  

Gympie police were stationed on the Bruce Hwy just south of Gympie at 12.50am, when they allegedly saw the north-bound B double overtake another semi-trailer and come roaring towards them on the wrong side of the road, Gympie Sergeant Andrew Holding said.  

"It nearly ran the police car off the road," Sgt Holding said.   

Police pursued the truck that allegedly continued to fly through Gympie on the wrong side of the road, reportedly reaching speeds 20 kilometres over the limit, until it corrected itself near the Gympie golf course, the sergeant said.   

The driver refused to stop on police command, Sgt Holding said and police forfeited the chase at Two Mile State School due to the speed of the truck and the dangerous manner of driving.   

Almost three hours later the truck rolled over on the Bruce Hwy, 25km south of Miriam Vale at 3.30am, blocking both lanes of the highway between Granite Creek and Collosseum Creek.  

Paramedics on the scene treated one man for cuts to his leg, but he was in a stable condition and declined transport to hospital, while firefighters worked to clean a diesel leak.   

Traffic was still blocked in both directions as police investigated the scene yesterday morning at 7am, the Statewide Traffic Management confirmed.  

The man was arrested for evading police.