FIT AND HEALTHY: Brendon Milliner and his partner Bec Spry have a new zest for life.
FIT AND HEALTHY: Brendon Milliner and his partner Bec Spry have a new zest for life. Contributed

NSW truckie sheds 60kg, turns life around

BRENDON Milliner's 60kg plus weight loss was so dramatic that some family members barely recognised him.

The Wagga Wagga-based interstate truck driver, who had been a "solid fella pretty much all my life" was constantly struggling with his weight and lifestyle. He tipped the scales at 145kg and decided he was sick of "feeling crap" all the time.

So he and his partner, who was also overweight, headed to Riverina Hypnotherapy for a weekend seminar. There, they learnt about the body and mind, what triggered their stress eating patterns and how to break them.

"January last year for New Year's was the last time we had a drink and we started (changing our lifestyles) in mid January," Brendon sad.

"I've lost 61kg and my partner 64kg, it's dramatically changed our lives.

"Literally family didn't know who we were, we've been to a few meet-ups with people and they had no idea who we were, they had to ask our parents."

Brendon said the weight loss came down to a lifestyle change, which was simply meal planning.

"My partner works in childcare and I'm five or six days a week on the road in the truck, for us it's all about meal planning. I take it all at the start of the week and cook in my 12 volt oven, I cook it all as I go," he said.

He said he was bringing his meals with him on the road before, but it was all the wrong kind of food and large portion sizes.

"It was pre-made stuff from Woolies, too much carbs and pasta," he said.

"In my mind I was doing the right thing, but the meals were too big and the eating on the go had to stop."

Now, 12 months down the track, Brendon is feeling fantastic.

"I feel way better now I'm not so heavy, the body's lighter and not rattling around (in the cab), you don't feel every bump, you're not bouncing up and down. It makes such a difference and everything is about the mind," he said.

"Once you've made a change, it's a change that's going to stay forever. It's about taking time for yourself and not eating those things and over-indulging in stuff you shouldn't, it just changes your whole mindset for the better."

Before the weight loss, Brendon said a typical day would see him skip breakfast, do whatever he needed to do with the truck, head into town grab a bacon and egg roll, then sandwhiches for lunch and McDonald's at tea time.

Now, he's drinking four litres of water each day, a lemon and honey drink in the morning, fruit, steak and vegetables for lunch, tuna in the afternoon and then chicken and vegetables for dinner.

Brendon said he'd noticed a trend among the trucking community and "blokes are saying 'no, I can't do that any more'".

"There's a big change coming and it'll be for the better. Roadhouses are starting to pull their finger out and provide different food, not all the deep fried greasy crap."

He urged drivers to check out the 12 Volt Truckies group on Facebook to find healthy recipes.