LIFE DOESN'T STOP: Tieri grazier Siobhan Randell, in the ring with Crinum Crest, is determined to bring home the Young Judges and Paraders national title despite suffering a brain tumour.
LIFE DOESN'T STOP: Tieri grazier Siobhan Randell, in the ring with Crinum Crest, is determined to bring home the Young Judges and Paraders national title despite suffering a brain tumour. Amber Hooker

'Tumour won't stop me'

ONE week before representing the Central Highlands at the 2017 Ekka, Siobhan Randell received some devastating news.

Mrs Randell, who is a grazier from Crinum Brahman, Tieri, said she was diagnosed with a brain tumour one week before battling it out at the state finals of the Young Judges and Paraders.

"A lot of people didn't think I would be able to compete at the Ekka after receiving that type of news," she said.

"A lot of people still didn't know, and in that time I have gotten married and was named the state champion parader.

"It's just a brain tumour, that's the only way I really put it."

She said she was never going to let a medical condition get in the way of achieving her goals.

"I have had medical problems my whole life. I have von Willebrand disease (a bleeding disorder) and hypoglycemia," she said.

"I just believe that no health conditions will ever stop me.

"I was told when I was diagnosed with von Willebrand disease that I wouldn't be able to do cattle showing just for the risk of getting kicked. It's not the safest sport to be a part of.

"I just decided early on that I would never let it worry me. I have been showing cattle for nine years now.

"The brain tumour is just another notch in my belt, really."

Mrs Randell is taking medication to "hopefully" stunt the growth of the brain tumour.

She said she would consider radiation down the track after deciding against the treatment for now.

"I just decided I was too young to go through radiation and be sick all the time," she said.

"I'll just play it out and see how it goes. Nothing stops me."

Mrs Randell encouraged others in a similar situation to keep going.

"No matter what doctors tell you or what people say, just let them know you are going to keep going," she said.

"Life doesn't stop just because one medical condition is going to try."

Mrs Randell said she wouldn't let anything get in her way of taking home the win at the Young Judges and Paraders national final at the Royal Adelaide Show next week.

State champion parader ready for national finals

SIOBHAN Randell is hard at work preparing for the Young Judges and Paraders national finals at the Royal Adelaide Show next week.

Mrs Randell earned her spot in the national final after battling it out in the main arena of the Royal Queensland Show last year.

Representing the Central Highlands sub-chamber, she was named state champion parader and will now compete at the national finals as part of the top six in Australia.

"It was pretty amazing to win," she said.

"I actually cried so much because that was the year we didn't take cattle down to the Ekka.

"I went down and was given a santa gertrudis bull that no one thought I could handle.

"I went in with him and he did everything I wanted. The judge could see I was struggling but I kept calm and apparently that's what did it for me.

"I only knew that bull for one hour, so it was a pretty good win."

She said that experience had given her the confidence she needs to win at nationals.

"At nationals you pick your animal out of a hat one and a half hours before you walk into the show ring," she said.

"I don't know what animal I have got until I get down there.

"It should definitely be interesting."

Mrs Randell said she wanted to win and prove that, no matter who you are or what you look like, anyone could do cattle showing.

"I didn't come off the land," she said.

"I started at the bottom and was always told by many different people that I couldn't do it because I care too much about bling and what I look like before going into the show ring.

"People think I have way too much bling and that I am there to be seen and not actually do well.

"I can look good going into the show ring with as much bling as I want, do what I can and do it well.

"I just want to prove to the kids I teach that anyone can do it because they get a bit disheartened out here."

Mrs Randell is a grazier from Crinum Brahman, Tieri, and has been showing cattle for nine years.

She said her passion for showing cattle kicked off in 2009, when it was offered at Capella State High School.

"I have always loved cows and when I came back to Capella the high school had it there for me," Mrs Randell said.

"In 2009 we had an animal that wouldn't let anyone else lead it and it became my friend. I got to go to every show that year.

"That's what kicked off my passion for cattle showing," she said.

"I think every kid should do it, especially junior judging - it's great public speaking."