Twitter rage as Nando's runs out of chicken!

CUSTOMERS at a Leicester branch of Nando's were at the point of near-riot last night (well actually they just sulked on Twitter), after the chicken chain ran out of chicken.

Nando's has simply one job which it has been doing to a good standard thus far - filling the nation with delicious peri-peri chicken upon request - but faltered last night despite chicken comprising basically its entire menu.

"There are no chickens at your Leicester restaurant. Talk to me about that...??!!!!"  an exasperated would-be diner called Declan tweeted at the restaurant.

"There is no chicken... I repeat NO Chicken..." someone else in his party added, while another user claimed their colleague was on the verge of a breakdown due to the shortage, writing: "I'm still coming to terms with what happen. One colleague is inconsolable. It was the restaurant on Granby Street ???"

Nando's UK eventually responded, tweeting: "Sorry to hear about this Declan, we've picked it up with the restaurant," with a representative confirming to ITV News that chicken was "unavailable" for some time at the branch.

Mercifully, chicken is now back on the menu at the Leicester branch of Nando's, whose celebrity fans include Beyonce and David Cameron.