UK newspapers react to Brexit news

THEY say journalists write the first draft of history and if the cliche proves true then the front pages hitting the press in the UK at the moment show the decision to leave the EU may well leave the nation divided. 

The conservative broadsheet The Times responded with a straight down the line front showing "Leave" campaign leader Nigel Farage standing with his hands aloft in celebration of the historic moment. 



While the ever entertaining London based tabloid The Sun responded with See Eu Later.



And the Daily Mirror went with the Union jack painted across a person's face above the simple statement: "We're Out."



Meanwhile in Scotland the nation's most purchased paper, The Daily Record is reflecting the fact that while this may be a popular move in England the northerners are very upset.

The Record has gone with "Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid, We're on Our Way Out"and shortly after the news was announced the leader of the Scottish National Party Alex Salmond said the result was cause for another referendum on Scottish independence. 



Finally The Independent is pointing to the fact the news will shock the world in both an economic and political sense - they've published the headline: "Global Shock as Britain Quits EU."