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Venice closes streets for George Clooney's wedding

VENICE'S streets are being closed ahead of George Clooney's wedding to Amal Alamuddin.

The Italian city's officials have confirmed two picturesque walkways alongside the Grand Canal will be cornered off on Monday (29.09.14) to keep crowds away from the star-studded ceremony.

According to an order issued to the city by police earlier today (25.09.14), the two walkways which lead up to the 16th Century Cavalli Palace will be closed for "the George Clooney Wedding", as authorities are worried gathering onlookers could cause overcrowding and pose a healthy and safety risk.

However, officers insist it isn't the first time the streets around the luxurious Palace have been closed as its stunning views over the Canal itself and proximity to the world famous Rialto Bridge make it a popular destination for marriage services and public events, reports Access Hollywood.

Meanwhile, the 53-year-old actor and his human rights lawyer fiancee were recently given the go ahead to tie the knot by Amal's father, Ramzi, who couldn't be "more delighted" about the upcoming nuptials.

A source told People magazine: "Ramzi couldn't seem more delighted.

"He finds Clooney very sympathetic, intelligent, cool, easygoing and crazy in love with Amal!"

The 77-year-old lecturer has been help planning the couple's wedding but has refused to spill any of the details to his friends.

The source said: "He is extremely calm.

"He's not saying a thing about the wedding. He's a card player and he's not giving away anything away!"

Despite George's $180 million fortune, it was recently reported Amal's parents were insisted on sticking to tradition and paying for the wedding.

A source said: "Crazy enough, her family is paying for most of it!"