Video: ‘Idiots’ jump fence during horse race


THE Cranbourne Turf Club chief has called for a lifetime ban of two "idiots" who ran on to the track during the last race on Friday night.

On the official race film, one of the men can be seen running down the track waving his top above his head with horses only metres away as they surged towards the finishing line.

Racing Victoria's stewards footage shows that he had jumped on the track moments earlier when the race was in progress and he was immediately tackled by a security guard.

A scuffle ensued and another member of the public then got involved and he managed to free his mate from the security guard's hold.

The man then ran down the straight oblivious to the fact there were horses approaching him at top speed.

The topless mullet-wearing man then veered towards the horses as they rounded the bend.

The pair kept running and avoided the animals before jumping the fence and managing to get away.

What was this idiot thinking?
What was this idiot thinking?

A third offender became involved in a scuffle with a security guard and was apprehended.

Cranbourne Turf Club boss Neil Bainbridge said the men all faced lifetime bans from racing at Cranbourne and he expected Racing Victoria would follow suit with a ban from all racetracks. Police are also likely to become involved.

Bainbridge said a number of security guards manned the outside rail but with the race in progress they were oblivious to the pair leaping over the fence.

"The three involved in this should be banned from ever attending a race meeting anywhere ever again," he said.

Security tackles the track invader.
Security tackles the track invader.

"I am disgusted and appalled by what happened. These people put rider and horse safety at risk, which is paramount to our industry."

"We had had a great night with an enormous crowd and these idiots go and spoil it for everybody.

"This could happen at any venue as the outside rail is the only thing which separates the crowd from the horses."

The man runs down the track after breaking free from security.
The man runs down the track after breaking free from security.

Victorian Jockeys' Association chief executive Matt Hyland said it was a dangerous situation.

"The last thing we want is for our members to have their lives endangered by people running on to the track while a race is in progress. Hopefully Cranbourne Turf Club will up the ante in terms of security in the future."

The most high-profile case of a person being seen on a racetrack was serial pest Peter Hore, who elected to run on to the track in the 1997 Melbourne Cup which was win by Might And Power.

Hore was banned from attending all racetracks for life.