VIDEO: Police van plunges from bridge as we face quiet vote

AS AUSTRALIA continues its laidback run-up to the federal election, it's difficult to understand that in Egypt, and in other countries, politics is a matter of life and death.

Video footage from a violence-disfigured Egypt shows the horror of true political upheaval, partially captured in the moment a police van plunges from a bridge, believed to have at least two officers on board.

Of course the officers themselves would not be considered by many as innocent, as moments before the plunge the van appears to ram a crowd of protesters.

Frightening in the footage are the scenes of mob rule on the streets.

The sound of a frantic crowd out of control rings through the video as a chilling, piercing cacophony of anger.

The violence is part of a deadly crackdown by Egypt's interim government on supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi.

Recent figures put the number of dead in the Egyptian conflict at more than 600, with more than 4000 injured.

In truth the figures are likely to be much higher.

Watch the video, consider ... remember what a privilege it is to be able to vote.