Violent brawl breaks out on Queensland flight

A flight from Queensland to Singapore was forced to turn around after a brutal mid-air fight broke out, with one passenger having to be restrained.

A man is in custody after allegedly attacking terrified passengers on an international flight yesterday afternoon, forcing the plane to divert to Sydney.

Shocking footage shows desperate passengers and cabin crew trying to restrain the aggressive man mid-flight.

A scuffle broke out about one hour and 20 minutes into the eight hour Scoot flight, when a man became disruptive and violent towards other passengers.

Footage of the incident shows a man throwing multiple punches at a passenger before being held down by a group of onlookers.

"During boarding and takeoff, the passenger appeared normal. After takeoff, he began to disturb surrounding passengers," Scoot said in a statement.

A group of men tried to stop the fight. Picture: Rick David Garilli
A group of men tried to stop the fight. Picture: Rick David Garilli

Surrounding passengers were reportedly moved to other seats and the crew were instructed not to serve him any alcohol.

"A while later, the unruly passenger punched another passenger. Following safety procedure, our crew stepped in to break up the fight and were assisted by other passengers," Scoot said.

"The unruly passenger was eventually subdued with two restraining kits, with the help of five passengers."

The passenger that filmed the incident told 7 News that the man became aggressive after drinking heavily when the flight was delayed.

The man was reportedly restrained for the remainder of the journey while the flight we redirected to Sydney, where he was met by the Australian Federal Police and paramedics.

The other passengers were transferred to other flights back to Singapore. No charges have been laid.