Virgin and Regional Express our most reliable airlines

VIRGIN Australia and Regional Express were the top airlines for on-time arrivals and departures on regional flight routes in December last year.

Monthly figures on arrivals and departures were released by the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics today.

The data revealed 86% of all Virgin Australia ATR/F100 flights arrived on time in December, followed by REX at 85.4% for on-time arrivals.

For departures, REX beat the competition with 82.9% of all regional flights leaving on time in December.Of all routes, including metropolitan flights, the Mildura-Melbourne route had the highest percent of on-time departures at 95.9%, while the Ballina-Sydney route had the lowest, at 57.8%.

The Cairns-Townsville route had the highest percentage of on-time arrivals at 92.7% and the Townsville-Sydney route had the lowest percentage of on-time arrivals 53.3%.

Cancellations were highest on the Karratha-Perth route at 5.3%, followed by Sydney-Melbourne at 5.2%, Melbourne-Sydney at 4.8%, Canberra-Sydney at 4.4% and Perth-Karratha at 4.3%.