WAITING: Cook Colliery mineworkers are still stuck in limbo about their jobs.
WAITING: Cook Colliery mineworkers are still stuck in limbo about their jobs. Contributed

Wait on mine continues

LAST month Caledon Resources stood down workers at it's Cook Colliery mine for an "expected two-month” period due to a water inflow event.

However, a month on, approximately 110 mineworkers are still stuck in limbo without further knowledge of the future of their jobs.

This week, CFMEU Mining and Energy Division Queensland District Vice-President, Glenn Power spoke out.

Mr Power told CQ News that it was a "very precarious situation the company (Caledon Resources) put our members in.”

"To say we are frustrated and disappointed is an understatement,” he said.

In a CFMEU media statement Mr Power claimed Cook Colliery might know more about the water inflow event than they have said.

"CC Pty Ltd is claiming that the source of water was unknown,” he said.

"What we know so far is that the mine has a large body of water in a panel that was put there by the company several years ago, to stop the coal in that panel from catching fire.”

"The current panel (203) sits under that flooded panel and panel 203 had been experiencing leaking water from the roof for several months.

"The company had instituted a flooding procedure for the panel but assured our members that before commencing production that the water was not an issue.

"However, after about 48 hours of production a large body of water came in through the goaf area flooding panel 203.

"Cook Colliery workers have financial commitments and bills to pay, just like anyone else, but CC Pty Ltd will not implement any genuine suggestions or proposals advocated by the CFMEU to minimise the impact of the company decision on the individual employees.”

The CFMEU is currently disputing the company's claim that they can stand employees down without pay under their enterprise agreement, through the Fair Work Commission.

Caledon Resources was approached for comment but did not respond before print deadline.