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Want to rekindle your romance? Take a cruise

A NEW survey has confirmed the 'love boat' fame of cruise ships with 74 per cent of those questioned recommending a cruise holiday to put the romance back into a tired relationship and love life.

And a third of the experienced cruise passengers who took part in the P&O Cruises 'True Love at Sea' survey said quality relationship time on the high seas made their most intimate love life even better.

But while a cruise holiday had all the ingredients for couples to rediscover romance, the survey of more than 500 people showed all bets could be off if some desirable famous faces were onboard.

When asked to choose which celebrities they would most like to find on a holiday cruise, most named smouldering George Clooney (29%), royally youthful Prince William (19%) or pop princess Kylie Minogue (18%).

The least popular cabin mates were Sarah Jessica Parker (11%) and Lady Gaga (11%).

"We know from the famous 'Love Boat' television series that romance blooms on the high seas and our P&O Cruises' 'True Love at Sea' survey confirms it also happens in real life cruising," said Carnival Australia Vice President Corporate Affairs Peter Taylor.

"Our survey shows that the relaxing lifestyle on a cruise ship is a sure fire way of rekindling romance in with more than 80% of those surveyed saying they felt more relaxed as couples during their cruise."

Results from the P&O Cruises 'True Love at Sea' survey

Was your partner more or less romantic during your cruise?
More romantic  39%  Less romantic 5% About the same 56%

Did your cruise holiday make your relationship stronger, weaker or about the same?
Stronger 38% Weaker 3% About the same 59%

Did your cruise make your intimate love life better, worse or about the same?
Better 32% Worse 4% About the same 64%

Would you recommend a cruise to rekindle your relationship and love life?
Yes, definitely 41% Yes, probably 34% Unsure 18% No 7%

Giving an indication of the therapeutic benefits of cruising for true love, a third of the cruise passengers surveyed said the romantic benefits of a cruise lasted more than two months after returning to shore.

Asked what cruise features contributed most to onboard romance, two-thirds nominated being able to relax (65%) and spend quality time together enjoying fine dining (17%) and onboard entertainment (8%) as well as sharing couple time thanks to onboard 'kids' clubs'(4%).