New Qld cases found on Day 11 of quarantine


There have been two new cases of COVID-19 reported in Queensland overnight.

Speaking at a media conference this morning, Queensland's Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said the two new cases were both in hotel quarantine but that they were uncovered in people on Day 11 of their stay.

Dr Young said she was 'very concerned' about community transmission in southern states and she was watching the situation closely.

"I am much more concerned, I urge everyone to think twice about travel interstate," she said, adding Queensland contact tracing on new cases continued to be rapid.

"My aim is to find the first case in a cluster, not the 65th case," she said.

The new figures brings Queensland's overall total caseload to 1076 - with the majority now recovered.

The new cases follow a warning by the State Government for Queenslanders to rethink travel plans to NSW, with Health Minister Steven Miles saying authorities were continuing to closely monitor the situation in Victoria and NSW.

Dr Young has warned that further NSW hot spots may be declared at short notice if community transmission continued to increase in NSW.

Travellers from the NSW cities of Campbelltown, Liverpool and Fairfield, as well as anyone from Victoria, remain banned from entering Queensland.

"I urge travellers to consider the risks of travelling to NSW at this time as outbreaks can rapidly spread and get out of control, as we've seen in NSW, Victoria and other countries," Dr Young said.

"We're giving people as much time as possible to come home to the safety of Queensland but that notice may not always be possible.


Originally published as WATCH LIVE: New Qld cases found on Day 11 of quarantine