Ashley Madison promotes having an affair.
Ashley Madison promotes having an affair.

Watercooler: Ashley Madison's cheaters deserve exposing

THERE is a delicious irony in the prospect of the personal details of more than 35 million cheating spouses being exposed by hackers.

While two wrongs never make a right, in this case, we're not so sure.

Dating website Ashley Madison targets spouses who want to cheat on their partners in marriage.

Its motto is "Life is short. Have an affair.''

About 1.165 million of its mostly female membership are from Australia and many are from regional, rural and remote communities.

While marriage infidelity has been around since the dawn of time, there's something particularly sick about an industry that has been built up around encouraging and enabling it.

These are people who are profiting from undermining relationships and arguably breaking up families. Their actions not only cause endless grief for partners, but also kids in these families.

No doubt, today there are many, many nervous Ashley Madison clients.

What do you think of people who cheat on their partners?

This poll ended on 28 July 2015.

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They are the scum of the earth


Doesn't worry me


Depends on the circumstances


As long as no-one gets hurt


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They now are threatened with having their identities, credit card details, naked photos, and even sexual fantasies exposed.

 Avid Life Media (ALM), the firm that also owns related sites Cougar Life and Established Men, is said to be working "diligently and feverishly" to stop the intellectual property theft.

No doubt there will be some partners hoping that their efforts fail and spouses are exposed for the cheats they are.

What do you think? Should sites like this be allowed? 

What do think about people who cheat on their partners? 

What you're saying on Facebook:

Jason Dachs: "Yes. If you aren't happy in your relationship, leave! Cheating is pathetic."

Jan Wise: "If you are doing this behind your partner's other words....cheating, affairs, adultery.....YES....expose EVERYONE on this site....!!!"

Julie Cardwell: "Expose them all...cheaters are cowards....they deserve to be named and shamed."

Chantelle Morgan: "HELL YES ..that would be funny as, full profiles aswell hahaha."

Joan Henderson: "Just let them live their lives. It's not our business to play judge & jury."

Annette Bryan: "It may not be in the best of taste but I don't tell others how to live thieir lives so do what you want... exposing them is NOT ON."

Cassie Jean: "Regardless of the type of website it is, it's still a privacy breach. Would you feel the same if it was the details of your internet banking?"

Stephy Payne: "If your not happy in a relationship leave. Cheaters will always be cheaters. Expose them yes but not there details."

Alister Muchamore: "Exposed no, Its up to them to tell their partners."

Julie Louisa Suess: "Well no, i don't agree with exposing them. I do think they are the scum of the earth, look relationships disintegrate and fall apart, but there is always a better way and anyone that capitalises on that is a vile organisation. However exposing these people, could potentially harm their spouses whom they are cheating on. They already have enough to deal with, public ousting of their spouses could make them feel embarassed and humiliated as well or even more, and the credit card details could harm them financially. Not to mention their children."

Greg Lange: "Good. Yes sites like this should be allowed but I have no sympathy for anyone who has their details made public."

Pauline Steinohrt: "Its called Karma lol."

John Lurchman Fowler: "Any web site should be Legal, to a degree. But in the end its up to the user wanting to sign up to a site."

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