Weed on wheels: Is this the dumbest place to stash drugs?

A TEEN driver who stashed weed between his legs was chopping up when police pulled him over.

While the conspicuous hiding spot is arguably one of the dumbest, another Sunshine Coast teenager tried to hide the drug the same way during a separate incident.

The pair both faced the Maroochydore Magistrate's Court yesterday after police found them with marijuana in their cars.

The first to appear, Mali Lyndon Ebb, 18, was found with 4g of marijuana, a grinder and bong in the car when police pulled him over while he was chopping up in October.

He pleaded guilty to drug possession and possessing utensils and was given a $800, six-month good behaviour bond by magistrate Ron Madsen.

Connor David Smith, 19, was nabbed by police when the car he was a passenger in stopped short of a Random Breath Test set-up.

A search of the car found 7g of marijuana, a grinder and scales in a bag between his legs.

He pleaded guilty to drug possession, possessing utensils and possessing property suspected of being used in a drug offence.

Mr Madsen sentenced Smith to a $1000, eight-month good behaviour bond.