Martin de Vos is vocal on social media.
Martin de Vos is vocal on social media.

'We're not animals, but we're treated like we are'

AN OUTSPOKEN truck driver popular on social media has hit out at the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator in a new video, criticising state's differing icepack laws.

Martin de Vos made the bold claim that "animals were treated better than truck drivers were" when it came to laws about being in hot vehicles.

"We can't put a dog or a cat or a bird in the car, open up the windows and say that's good enough. Council, police and all other emergency services will pull animals out of hot vehicles but we're all expect to sleep in upwards of 50-degree temperatures inside a cab," he said in the video.

"We're not animals but we get treated worse. I am sick and tired of the failures of the NHVR who say they're out to look after drivers when they fail to look after those people who run night and day, day and night for the people of this country.

"Drivers, we are treated like nothing."

He said only one state had firm laws about mandatory icepack use.

"I think it should be (law) in every state, it should be Australia wide," he said.

He said it was a "basic necessity" that drivers should be allowed the creature comforts that all other workers were entitled to.

"This is our home, we live here for five or six days out of the week, some of us can't get home to a permanent air-con. Why should I as a driver be forced to buy bags of ice so I can get my mandatory seven hour rest period - and not just that but a comfortable rest.

"These cabs get flipping ridiculously hot. 

"If we can't put animals in cars and have windows down, why are we putting drivers in trucks and expecting more from a human. We'll speak up and criticize people for animals under the same conditions but we just take it?

"Someone needs to make a stand, we need to kick in our boots and make a change."