What the font!? Uber fires employees in Comic Sans

AS IF the world needed more reasons to hate Uber, it has emerged that the cab company uses that most flippant and jolly of fonts, Comic Sans, in its firing emails.

Up to 15 community-support representatives had their contracts terminated on Friday, after they allegedly used internal promo codes for rides.

The emails, obtained by the Daily Dot, apparently read: "Your assignment at Uber has ended effective immediately 12/5/14. Please log into the system and enter your final timecard" in the curvy font.

It's been a bad month for Uber. The app was recently banned in New Delhi following accusations of rape against one of its drivers, suspended in Spain as it 'represents unfair competition' and the company faces multiple lawsuits in the US for alleged law breaches and failing to protect customers.

Uber remains very popular however, allowing customers to book nearby taxis through an app instead of hailing them down.

Taxi drivers say the service is unfair as the drivers do not have to fulfil the same requirements or pay for training and licences, as taxi drivers do.