Strange object washed up on Airforce Beach, Evans Head.
Strange object washed up on Airforce Beach, Evans Head. Ken Miles

What is this 'very strange' thing washed up on a beach?

AN UNIDENTIFIED object has washed up on a North Coast beach overnight.

Evans Head local Ken Miles was down at Airforce Beach at 10am today when he came across a "strange thing".

"I haven't seen anything like it before," he said.

He described it as two pieces of 3m-long PVC piping, wrapped together in black plastic, then wrapped in fishing net.

Then there is a clear plastic dome on it with "Falcon" written in black text which has faded.


"Inside (the dome) it looks very mechanical but it's not attached to the initial pipes," Mr Miles said.

"I lifted one end, the PVC is quite light, it would float like crazy."

Mr Miles said it was still there when he left the beach this morning, about 200m away from the four-wheel-drive entrance.

"I don't know when it got washed up but it wasn't yesterday because I was on the beach," he said.

Mr Miles said he only had one guess as to what it could be.

"The only thing that comes to mind is that it could be a beacon they use for long line fishing," Mr Miles said.

"It could be someone's idea of a joke but it's too old looking."

"We get a lot of stuff washed up at Airforce over many, many years."

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