What's the secret for being a good neighbour?

I WAS shocked to see a photo of a pile of cigarettes a neighbour was forced to pick up from his property after they were thrown over the fence. 

What sort of neighbour does this?

The photo was making the rounds on Facebook recently and it got me thinking - what is the secret to being a good neighbour?

I mean as cool as it would be to have a neighbour who cooks meals for you (we've all heard about them), we're lucky to have great neighbours where we live. 

Our neighbours best qualities include: giving us eggs from their chickens, looking after the lawn and our house while we're away, saying hello over the fence and just looking out for us. 

Oh and I have been invited to swim in my neighbours pool when I fed the dog once. 

That's part of the secret I believe, a bit of give and take from both sides of the fence. 

I've looked after our neighbour's dogs and in return they've bought us lovely gifts from their holiday. 

My husband has enjoyed a beer in the backyard with another neighbour on many occasions and their son loves to kick the footy over the fence, starting a game with my hubby. 

You hear of some bad neighbours, so I'm very grateful we've got awesome neighbours (lets hope they stay). 

What qualities are important in good neighbours? Join the discussion and tell us below or email your 'good neighbour' story to amy.formosa@frasercoastchronicle.com.au