Why do sportspeople use cocaine?

Ali Williams, Shaun Kenny-Dowall and now Jesse Bromwich and Kevin Proctor. Why are rugby and league players being linked to cocaine controversies this year?

The Herald provides a quick rundown on why sportspeople would use cocaine.

It leaves the system quickly

Cocaine leaves your system within 48 hours, which decreases the chance of players being busted by drug testers at training sessions or after a match. If timed right, players can take cocaine knowing that they won't have to worry about a potential drug test later in the week.

It's quick and keeps you up

After kicking off a game at night, players often have a post-match adrenalin rush which lasts a number of hours after the game before a sudden hit of tiredness. Alcohol will only make you more tired. Cocaine, or other drugs, can help extend the night if you're going out to pubs or nightclubs early into the next morning.

A cocaine high lasts about 20 minutes but it gives the drug taker an hour and a half worth of extra time they'd be awake.

It's a social status drug and readily available

'It's the champagne of drugs' -- not something that everyone can have.

It's not hard to get in Australia

Cocaine isn't as prevalent in New Zealand compared with Australia. The supply is scarce and therefore it's expensive to buy. But it's less difficult to get across the Tasman.

- NZ Herald