Wiggins Island employee accused of leaking secret reports

EMAILS about how much he allegedly hated his job helped shape a court case against a former Wiggins Island employee.

Such emails allegedly included comments such as "I'm about to F*c&ing scream!" and "These fu&&ers are driving me bananas" and are included in a court case against the former staff member who is also accused of sending out confidential information about Wiggins Island projects.

Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal has taken action against former quantity surveyor Anton Fredericks for allegedly supplying contractors Monadelphous Engineering and Muhibbah Construction with confidential information.

Court documents viewed by APN said Mr Fredericks's role required him to analyse cost and budget data in relation to two of Wiggins's projects that involved the two contractors, known jointly as company MMM.

"Accordingly, that role required Mr Fredericks to have minimal contact with MMM," court documents from Wiggins Island senior commercial manager David Mulvaney stated.

Mr Fredericks scored a job at MMM after leaving Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal in Gladstone, the documents stated.

But a detailed investigation of the coal terminals' computer system allegedly showed Mr Fredericks had sent internal reports and cashflow data to MMM or to his personal email account before he left.

In response to receiving one spreadsheet, an MMM employee asked whether it included forecast payments, to which Mr Fredericks replied "I will have to give you that off, off the record".

Mr Mulvaney said in a court statement that this information would have helped MMM formulate claims for their benefit.

Analysis of the computer system also revealed emails Mr Fredericks allegedly sent to other people, looking for other work, and noting his dissatisfaction at Wiggins Island.

"These people P me Off no end. Bloody gravy train running through this site," he allegedly emailed to someone in January 2013.

The case is before the Brisbane Supreme Court and will be heard on Tuesday.