SLAPPED: A Warwick man hit the mother of his child so hard she was knocked out.
SLAPPED: A Warwick man hit the mother of his child so hard she was knocked out. Christopher Chan

Woman can't recall birthday after slap from former lover

IN THE heat of an argument Kipp David Ford slapped the mother of his child across the face so hard she was knocked out for almost a minute.

A court heard this week that, when she came to, she could not remember her own birthday or the day of the week.

She was one of four people Ford is alleged to have assaulted this year, in two separate incidents in January and May.

Ford pleaded guilty at Warwick Magistrates Court to three charges of assault occasioning bodily harm and one count of common assault.

The 27-year-old had been in custody since the day in May when he followed his former lover into a bedroom where the assault occurred.

Acting Magistrate Jason Schubert said Ford stood in the doorway of the bedroom and, when the woman tried to "barge" past him, he pushed her.

The court heard the woman kicked the Warwick man, before he slapped her and knocked her unconscious.

Mr Schubert said Ford's victim submitted a letter to the court with further information about the attack, saying she had initiated the argument and threw "dozens of punches to his face".

"Even if I take the second version, that there was some initiation on behalf of the aggrieved, it in no way excuses your response," he said.

Mr Schubert said the woman was left with a chipped tooth and red marks on her neck and forehead.

Defence lawyer Phil Crook said Ford was remorseful and he hit the woman as a "reflex action".

But the court heard it followed an incident in January when Ford assaulted two men and a woman, but no injuries were reported.

Mr Crook said multiple punches were thrown by Ford and the two men in the altercation.

Ford was sentenced to eight months jail and is set to be released on parole on July 22.