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Ride along

Woman drug drove after a ‘moving’ party for her sister

A WOMAN was caught drug driving after a party with her sister.

Linda Ann Elliott pleaded guilty at Emerald Magistrates Court on November 16 to driving while a relevant drug was in her saliva.

The Emerald Road Policing Unit intercepted Elliott driving on Borilla St about 10.41am on July 16.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Kevin Ongheen said Elliot returned a positive road side drug test, with further testing revealing the presence of methylamphetamine and cannabis.

"My sister was moving and we had a bit of a party," Elliott told the court.

"I'm aware of my actions, the stupidity of it and the consequences that follow."

Magistrate Ron Muirhead said Elliott had a fairly good record up until now.

She was fined $600 and disqualified from driving for four months. The conviction was recorded.