Natasha Maree Alexandrou.
Natasha Maree Alexandrou.

Woman left with busted lip after ‘one-sided cat fight’

A WOMAN punched her neighbour multiple times in the face in a "one-sided cat fight" because she thought her partner was cheating, but she was wrong.

Magistrate James Morton told Natasha Maree Alexandrou she was old enough to know better when she pleaded guilty in Proserpine Magistrates Court to common assault and trespass.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Emma Myors told the court Alexandrou entered her neighbour's Mandalay unit through an open balcony door in February.

Alexandrou asked the woman if she had seen her partner but she was told he was not there.

Sgt Myors said Alexandrou left but then returned and asked the woman again if her partner was there.

Alexandrou left again but then returned to the residence a third time and punched the woman multiple times in the face, leaving her with a busted upper lip.

Alexandrou, 41, had to be restrained and escorted out of the residence by the victim's partner.

Sgt Myors told the court police interviewed Alexandrou but she denied entering the unit and assaulting the woman.

Lawyer Elizabeth Smith said the women lived next door to each other and their partners were friends, but the women did not get along well.

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The court heard they were all having a drink together and Alexandrou was drunk on the day of the incident.

Mr Morton asked Alexandrou if she entered the neighbour's property because she was worried about her own partner "double dipping", which she admitted she was.

But she later found her partner around the side of the house and not in the unit she had entered.

Ms Smith said Alexandrou had since moved out of the unit and had apologised to the victim's partner.

"She instructs she doesn't usually drink," Ms Smith said.

Alexandrou had been working in hospitality but stopped because of COVID-19, so Ms Smith said recording a conviction could make it more difficult to find work.

She had also been seeking help with her mental health, Ms Smith said.

Mr Morton labelled the incident a "one-sided cat fight" as Alexandrou used her fists when she was mistaken.

"You're 41 years of age, a woman of your age and maturity should have known better," Mr Morton said.

Alexandrou was fined $400 for the assault with a conviction recorded.

She was convicted and not further punished for the trespass offence.