Woman shocked witnessing cat thrown from car window

A WOMAN was horrified to see a cat thrown from a car window at a busy Toowoomba intersection.

Sophie Lamont was driving behind the car on Bridge St on Tuesday night when it suddenly stopped at the intersection at Raff St and a ginger tabby cat was thrown from the driver's side window.

"I first thought the cat had jumped from the vehicle but then the car proceeded to speed away," she said.

Ms Lamont said she was so shocked by what she had seen she didn't have time to record the registration number.

"I was completely distressed at what I saw. I tried to find the animal but it wouldn't let me hold it for too long as it was shaken and scared," she said.

She reported it to Police Link and shared the story on the Toowoomba Crime Alerts and Discussions Facebook page.

"I am hoping the people will be identified and charged for endangering the animal," she said.

"The post has blown up and has been shared multiple times as well as animal organisations trying to find answers."

Many people in the area went out searching for the cat after Ms Lamont shared what she had seen and while some people came across animals somewhat matching the description the cat is yet to be found.

Others were just shocked at the cruel act.

John Perring said: "I wish people would treat animals better. No cat deserves this. The poor cat wasn't brought into the world to be treated like that. I'm absolutely disgusted at the world we live in."

Neil Harries said: "I hate this sort of stuff."

Julie Dong said: "Why would people do that to an innocent kitty?"