Woman's bathroom selfie makes less sense as you look at it

THIS woman probably thought a few friends were going to comment on how great her hair looked or praise her fab shorts and tee combo.

What Twitter user Paula Sophia Garcia Espino couldn't have anticipated was quite how many people would remark on the bonkers set up in her aunt's bathroom.

Now Paula's stunning selfie has gone viral after one person realised how far the loo roll was from the toilet.

It means that - after doing your business - you presumably have to get off the toilet to wipe yourself.

Separately to that, a towel rail appears to be underneath the cistern in a frankly terrible design.

And, amazingly - considering little thought has been paid to making sure the loo roll is in reaching distance - there is a charger next to the toilet.

Paula, who captioned her photo "Pretty little thing", has seen it shared nearly 2,000 times and liked 13,600.

But virtually every comment is about the bathroom.

"Damn you gotta get up off the toilet and walk way over there to get tissue to wipe," one user pointed out.

"The toilet is charging, the tissue paper is 1,000ft away and behind that door is The Chronicles of Narnia," another said.

One added: "The longer you look the stranger it gets."

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