The Woorabinda Aboriginal Shire council announced last week its lockdown would be lifted.
The Woorabinda Aboriginal Shire council announced last week its lockdown would be lifted.

Woorabinda now open to visitors and returning residents

QUEENSLANDERS are now free to move in and out of Woorabinda shire.

Woorabinda’s coronavirus lockdown was lifted last Friday, a week before the opening of Queensland’s borders.

A Woorabinda Aboriginal Shire Council announcement stated that its vehicle checkpoint would be dismantled and the shire would be open to the rest of the state.

“We understand that some of our community have gone on holidays outside of designated area,” the announcement read.

“These members can now return to the community without seeking approval to enter.”

But the announcement warned that the danger had not entirely disappeared.

“The easing of restrictions does not effectively mean we are now risk free,” it said.

“There is always a risk; it is however a very low risk.”

The council said that it had consulted with Queensland Health about a plan should the virus make its way into the shire.

Its “comprehensive planned approach” in that scenario would include at-home testing, a drive-through fever clinic, and quarantine of individuals at accommodation spots, including separate quarantine for Aboriginal elders.

The shire would be divided into four areas to allow health staff to more easily manage an outbreak.

The council advised residents to continue being conscientious of hygiene while enjoying “returning to some form of normal”.

“Woorabinda Council would like to congratulate and thank the community for their patience, understanding and respect to the ever-changing circumstances that has existed for the community since the restrictions started,” it said.

“Your commitment, vigilance and advocacy through our community to remain safe has proven to protect out community.”