GREAT DAY OUT: Natalie Bell and Rocco Hetel enjoyed the entertainment on offer at this year's Emerald Show.
GREAT DAY OUT: Natalie Bell and Rocco Hetel enjoyed the entertainment on offer at this year's Emerald Show. Taylor Battersby

Working hard pays off

THIS year, the 90th Emerald Show played host to a very special guest - the Acting Prime Minister.

Emerald Show Society president Jessamine Crawford said Minister Michael McCormack - better known as the Deputy Prime Minister - attended the show last night for the official opening.

"I understand that he's the Acting Prime Minister while he's here so it's nice to have them here and let them see bits of our community and what we're celebrating,” she said.

Ms Crawford said she was looking forward to showing Mr McCormack the pride residents have in the local agricultural industry and how much it supports the Emerald community.

"We need to make sure we're educating the general public on how their food and fibre is produced, just to help with that knowledge gap that we're seeing happening more and more,” she said.

"It's seeing our industry having a lot of social licencing issues. If we can educate more and get that knowledge into our next generation and into our community as well as the broader community, that's definitely something we would like to achieve.”

Ms Crawford said with approximately 15,000 people pouring through the gates over the two-day event, the best moment of the show was Tuesday night's official opening.

"Looking around the ring on Tuesday night when it's packed and it's full of everybody waiting to see the night entertainment and the fireworks, that's our signal as a committee that what we're doing is something the community love, so it's worthwhile,” she said.

Acting Prime Minister Michael McCormack said he also loved country shows and praised the Show Society's hard-working volunteers.

He said with the show now in its 90th year, "they have to be doing something right”.

"Sometimes I think it would be good for more city people to get out and attend one of these little country shows,” he said.

"Every show has its own unique little features but they have one feature in common and that's bringing communities together.”

Mr MrCormack said the Federal Government had invested heavily in upgrading showground facilities in the last budget.

"... They get used quite regularly for festivals and events and often for caravanners coming through town and definitely for the annual show.

"Agricultural shows are the heartbeat of the community. If you have a good little country community, you always have a good little country show,” he said.