A BBC News reporter tripped over Jeremy Hunt's name.
A BBC News reporter tripped over Jeremy Hunt's name. News Corp Australia

X-rated gaffe TV presenters can’t stop making

PITY poor British TV journalists at the moment, who seem to be struggling with one pollie's name as they report on the unfolding UK political turmoil.

BBC journalist Ellie Price was reporting live from outside 10 Downing Street, discussing Theresa May's cabinet reshuffle in the wake of the unexpected election result.

Would Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt remain in his position?

Whoops. That's Hunt, Ellie. H-U-N-T.

Remarkably, on the very same day, a presenter over on Sky News made the same blunder pronouncing Hunt's surname:

This isn't the first time a news journalist has been caught out pronouncing Hunt's name. In 2010, BBC Radio presenter

James Naughtie offered up several public apologies after doing exactly what these two presenters have done this week. He described the gaffe as "the most unintentional thing imaginable".