Young children tragedy sparks common sense response

YOUR SAY: As a ratepayer and resident in the Toowoomba Regional Council area, the town of Pittsworth to be exact, I write regarding the landscaping in Yandilla which surrounds the two roundabouts on the Murray St/Yandilla St intersection and the Short St/Yandilla St intersection.

Following an horrific accident on the Murray St/Yandilla St intersection which involved two small children on their way to school, the gardens have been severely pruned and so have those on the other roundabout.

Common sense has prevailed. It was only a matter of time before there was an accident.

Many drivers of small vehicles have complained about those gardens obstructing their view of traffic.

Unfortunately for the children and the driver of the vehicle involved in that accident, it is something they will live with for the rest of their lives.

I can only thank God that no fatality occurred.

What many townspeople have also complained about, and rightly so, is the fact that there are no pedestrian crossings in the main street except for the one from the caravan park across to the skate park on the far western end of Yandilla St.

Sure there are those two halfway crossings on either side of the Short St/Yandilla St roundabout, but in our town there are many elderly residents and the main shopping areas are around the IGA supermarket and on the other side of the street, the newsagency, chemist and doctor.

Then on the western side of Yandilla St, from the post office across to those businesses around the Sentinel office.

Further frustration occurs for the residents who have limited vision but are still licensed to drive their scooters or "gophers" if you like.

They are not permitted to drive into the main street but park in the laneways nearest to where they shop. Then they take their lives into their own hands or feet, walking across the road where there is no pedestrian crossing.

It is madness to have to do down to those halfway crossings and then have to walk back up the other side of the street to access the business houses.

My plea is for the safety of our residents or anyone who shops in our town, to have pedestrian crossings to enable them to cross the street safely. Can common-sense prevail here?

K SULLIVAN, Pittsworth