An aerial view of Pormpuraaw, an Aboriginal community on the Gulf of Carpentaria in Queensland. (AAP Image/Tony Walsh)
An aerial view of Pormpuraaw, an Aboriginal community on the Gulf of Carpentaria in Queensland. (AAP Image/Tony Walsh)

Young mum killed with pruning saw: "“We cry every day."

A CAPE York family is still reeling in anguish and despair following the brutal murder of a young mother last year.

Karen William told the Cairns Supreme Court that the death of her sister Shyanne William, 26, has ripped the family apart sending a ripple effect throughout the remote Pormpuraaw community.

Yesterday murderer Ivan James Ned, 46, was jailed for life.

"But we know that the impact will continue well after the court process is finished," Ms William wrote in a victim impact statement that was read aloud in court.

Shyanne's death was a horrific one. She had 29 injuries to her body after Ned slashed her multiple times with a pruning saw in a drunken flight on April 9.

"We live in a small community and the event of such a violent crime ripples through us all," Ms William wrote.

"We cry every day. We go to Shyanne's grave and we cry."

Six days ago, on July 12, Shyanne's mother died.

"The grief was too much for her and we were left to look after her as well as Shyanne's son," Ms William wrote.

"She struggled to cope with day to day living and was unable to speak properly."

Crown prosecutor Nigel Rees described it as an "horrific attack" of an unarmed woman.

"There (was) blood all over the bedroom," Mr Rees said.

The court was told that a back calculation of Ned's blood alcohol level put the range between 0.207 and 0.402 per cent at 10pm on April 8 and between 0.147 and 0.222 per cent at 4am.

Mr Rees said the reading were not accurate and were based of a number of factures including when Ned had had his last drink.

Ms William said the murder had "broken us apart".

"My father continues to be in a great deal of emotional pain," she wrote.

"My bother… was medicated because of this trauma.

"It is not right for one man to create so much devastation and pain leaving our family to suffer in so many ways."

After killing Shyanne, Ned went to the home of a local Pormpuraaw police officer and said he had "done something bad".

"You have not just killed my sister, you have devastated a whole family and damaged the wellbeing of our community," Ms William wrote.

"A beautiful, innocent young woman is now dead and only because of this brutally offending man."

She said it would constantly be on the family's mind that Ned could one day be free.

"We will always love and miss Shyanne, but this reality we now live will never be over for us," she wrote.

Justice John Byrne said the victim impact statement poignantly described all the consequences of this murder.

"Yours was a brutal, sustained, armed attack involving shocking lethal violence fuelled by excessive consumption of alcohol," Justice Byrne said.

Ned has already spent 361 days in custody and will be eligible for parole after serving 20 years.