Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead. Photo / Supplied
Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead. Photo / Supplied Supplied

Zombies return in Walking Dead trailer

1. Get ready for entrails, missing limbs, buckets of blood and plenty more zombie action with the new trailer for season 2.5 of The Walking Dead. Here's a quick recap: They got stuck in traffic, somebody got shot, someone slept with the farmer's daughter, a well zombie got sliced in half and somebody else got shot. What's in store when the show returns on February 24 (in the US)? More of the same by the looks of things. (IMDB)

2. Speaking of The Walking Dead, check out this fake promo for the second half of season two, which mashes up zombie fun with the theme tune to Growing Pains and makes the show look like a sitcom. Can't wait for more cameos from the 'well zombie'. (Comicsalliance)

3. Here's the video for the ace first single from Sleigh Bells' second album, Reign of Terror. If you're not already in love with Alexis Krauss, you will be after seeing Comeback Kid, in which she comes armed with leather, guns and some seriously sweet boxing skills.(Pretty Much Amazing)

5. Mastodon! Animated bulls! Loud guitars! You're gonna love the video for Dry Bone Valley way more than this stupid Red Hot Chili Peppers one! (NME)

6. It must have been cold when these dudes recorded this version of Bon Jovi's Shot Through the Heart. Just look at those wooly hats. (YouTube)

7. Nicolas Cage. Good old Nicolas Cage. Just his name can ruin a good dinner party, thanks to the tried-and-true love-him-or-hate-him debate. So shut up and watch the trailer for Seeking Justice, a revenge tail gone wrong due for release later this year. At least he's not attempting an accent. (Apple)

8. Hipster alert: Here's a synthtastic collaboration between Swedish alt-popsters Miike Snow and Lykke Li, called Black Tin Box. (Pitchfork)

9. There's been good news for dubstep fans with news of the Skrillex tour with Fatboy Slim and Die Antwoord in March. You might see your grandparents at the show, judging by this new video from fellow bass fiend Rusko. Wamp wamp. (Mad Decent)

10. So, erm, yep, it's Coldplay. Sorry about that. Here's a different video for Paradise. It's sorta cool and waaaay more serious than that one that had Chris Martin wearing animal costumes while riding a bike. Anyone else think it would sound better with some hardcore gangster rap over the top? Somebody mash the crap out of it. (Twitter)

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